Amanda BowenAmanda Bowen

Choosing a realtor can be difficult for those who are new or unfamiliar with the Pleasanton, California, area. At BLAISE LOFLAND REAL ESTATE GROUP, we are here to help!

A Local of the Tri-Valley Area

Born and raised in the Tri-Valley Area, Amanda Bowen is passionate about her work. She is available to provide guidance about all local schools, neighborhoods, and other aspects of life in the Tri-Valley.

Timely & Thorough Services Made Easy

Prior to obtaining her real estate license, Amanda worked as a public auditor in the accounting industry before moving to real estate in 2011. Her strong background in finance makes her a valuable addition to our group, while her attention to detail and ability to multitask makes her the perfect choice for your services.

Amanda is also proficient in sign language and is available to work with clients of varying needs.

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